How to Transfer Photos and Videos from iPhone directly to External Hard Drive

As phone cameras are getting better and better, the media (pics and clips) files you generate are getting larger and larger. So much so that at some point you will need to store or archive them someplace. Given this problem, big corporations are more than willing to provide you with expensive cloud solutions where, for a monthly fee, you can store your pics and clips on their servers. But if you are like me, you probably do not feel comfortable having your private memories stored on some company’s servers and would like to archive them at home on your own external hard drive.

Or you already have a cloud subscription and would like to also store your pics and clips on a HDD. 

Regardless, here is an easy and cheap way to do just that:


A mobile app that automatically copies the media files from your phone to a storage device via your wi-fi router. And it does so at FULL RESOLUTION.

First and foremost you need to make sure that your wi-fi router has a USB port and supports FTP (File Transfer Protocol). Keep in mind that some routers have a USB but it is ONLY for peripheral use like a printer. So make sure your router has USB and FTP. Most routers over 50$ have these features. 

So connect the external HDD to the router via USB. Next, create a FTP server on your router by accessing it’s OS from your browser. Once that is done, open HomeStash and fill in the following credentials: The FTP server’s ip address, the port (it usually is 21) and the password of your router or FTP server. Each router is different and has its own OS so the FTP tab may be in different menus.

After this, you are pretty much set. Select the albums you want to copy to the external hard drive and watch the magic happen. The app will start copying everything to the HDD and every time you take a new photo or video, HomeStash will automatically copy it to your external hard drive. 

Note that depending on the amount of media files that need copying, after first setting up the app it helps to keep it open until all of them are synced with the HDD. This might take some time, again depending on the amount of files that need copying