How to automatically backup your photos from your phone to your HDD via your wi-fi router (FTP)

Cloud storage can be expensive, especially when you take a lot of photos and videos with your phone. If you are like us and have thousands of media files on your device then you need to know about this new and cost-effective method to automatically sync all your photos and videos from your phone to an external storage device via your wi-fi router. Most modern routers have FTP technology built-in. That means you can plug in an HDD or USB stick and share it on your home network. Once this is done you have access to it every time you connect to your home wi-fi. The problem is, FTP is usually hard and complicated to use. This is where Home Stash comes in. The app automatically syncs your media files from your phone to an external storage device every time you connect to wi-fi. It’s like a personal cloud storage for your home. Only way cheaper than conventional cloud storage services.

Set up is pretty straightforward: 

Plug in the external hard drive or the USB Stick. 

Open a browser on your phone or computer and in the address bar at the top, type your router’s IP address. If you do not know how to find your router’s IP address, here is a video to assist you.

After you’ve successfully logged into your router’s operations system you will need to find the USB or FTP menu and expose a directory from the storage device. Every manufacturer has its own unique menu setup. Note that on some routers you may need to configure a separate user and password for the FTP account. 

Now open Home Stash, type your ip address that you found earlier, and the user and password of your router. Hit Connect, select which albums you want to sync and that’s it! From now on, Home Stash will automatically transfer to your storage device all your new media files every time you connect to your wi-fi. You can change this of course in the settings menu.