Home Stash

Welcome to Home Stash. The app that allows you to seamlessly sync the media files from your phone to a storage device via your wi-fi router.

Automatic backup

Background upload

Multiple libraries

Choose albums

FTP Based

No cloud

No monthly fee

Unlimited lifetime uploads with one tiny purchase.
First uploads are free.

complementary to your cloud

Your photos are transferred directly on your HDD, while at home.


Protect yourself from HDD failures. Add a second HDD for rendundancy.

Cost effective

You’ll need a Wifi router with USB slot and an external HDD. That’s it.


So you pay a monthly cloud service. But does it buy you peace of mind?

* Retake control of your memories

* 100% Automatic backup, also runs in background

* Sync your first 100 media files for free

* NO monthly fee (one time payment unlocks unlimited, lifetime uploads)

* We do not use your photos to train our robots

* We DO NOT have access to your photos (they’re stored only on your personal HDD)

* You can access your files even if you don’t have internet.


You’re welcome!

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So what is it exactly?

Home Stash is a FTP based app that allows you to transfer and sync all your photos and videos from your phone to an external storage device of your choosing, via a wi-fi router.

Each time you connect to your wi-fi, HomeStash will automatically transfer all your new media files to your external storage device. It’s like having your own personal cloud.

Starter kit

Download Home Stash for free and experience it for yourself. 

You will need:

– A wi-fi router that has a USB port

– An external storage device (it can be an HDD or just a USB stick)

– Your phone

– Laptop or PC connected to the router (for setting up the router configurations and folder(s) where your media files will be stashed)


We do not use your photos to train our robots

We DO NOT have access to your photos

We do NOT collect ANY personal info about you, like name, e-mail, phone number, etc

NO monthly fee

One time payment

Retake control of your life and your memories


Home Stash is available both on ANDROID ans IOS platforms. Download for free.

September 15, 2021

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NO monthly fee

Own your memories

Automatic backup

you're welcome